The company


The Musch company is family-owed since 1946.

During the first decades, the company is mainly a traditional print shop.

In 1960, a large pharma group settles close to the company and seeks its assistance for the printing of direction inserts. This paved the way to a long lasting partnership still in force today. The Musch company started investing and acquired more folding machines as the demand for larger quantities of direction inserts grew over the years.

The company’s expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical domains grew steadily and a wider range of custoners were added in Belgium and oustide… France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland…

The company also specialized over the years in the printing, from rolls, of adhesive labels for industrial purposes.

Working Philosphy

Our company ‘s philisophy is to work with you as a partner in, but not limited to, the following industrial sectors : medical, pharmaceutical, hygiene, cosmetics, food, drinks…

The above industrial sectors require top quality and strict quality control procedures. The company is ISO certified and follows a constants improvement policy rule. The company is ISO9001-2015 certified.

Our dedicated team

Our team is dedicated, committed and essentially multidisciplinary. Our team is expert in direction inserts and labels on rolls. Communication tools is also another of our team’s forte.

Our sales and technical forces will team up with you in seeking the best and cost effective solutions to your needs.

Our Administration and logisitcs services will cooperate with you in order to offer the best in conditioning and transportation.

Our pre-press graphic studio team will shoulder you in creating your visual identity, preparing your documents before printing, will keep and manage a storage platform for your document, therefore accessible to you at all times.

None of us know what we all know together.
Uripide, dramaturge

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